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Young Investors (Y.I.) Club
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Young Investors (Y.I.) Club

Where saving money is fun... and helps others learn about Jesus. You know it's important to teach children to give thanks for God's many blessings and use those blessings wisely to serve Him. Learning to understand the value of sharing, saving and spending money is a good place to start. When you help your child save for the future through the LCEF Young Investors (Y.I.) Club, those dollars can also help someone else learn about Jesus. Through the Y.I. Club activities, newsletters and web pages, your child can learn valuable stewardship concepts while empowering ministry through LCEF.

About LCEF

  • Investments

    LCEF makes available loans and ministry-support resources to equip LCMS ministries as they embrace God's plan for their members. These are all possible through investments made by ministries as well as individuals. By choosing LCEF, you are choosing an organization that embraces the LCMS, and supports only ministries within it. By sharing our gifts, we can grow the reach of our church together.
  • Loans

    LCEF is proud to be a partner with congregations, schools and universities, new mission starts, international ministries and other agencies of the LCMS. These loans, provided with the partnership of investors and donors throughout the church, are making ministry happen.
  • Ministry Support

    LCEF offers ministry support services that can help church organizations and leaders become spiritually engaged, financially stable and ready to respond to the needs of their communities.We seek to positively impact people with the glory of God and enhance all members' mission focus.